facebook access token generator 2018 working

STEP 1. Accept the permissions. STEP 2. After you accept the permissions you will be redirected to this page. Check the HISTORY of your browser and find the previous link.   It should look like this: https://www.facebook.com/connect/login_success.html#access_token=CAAAACZAVC6ygBAO7CNDZBa7WYE0zo3Tee7gQKHHqZBWJNgS2Jn3ynZZAS97ZCZCdx8oBmu4JRhK7R5ZCX6ZCsaE8lpOUWzDWmfA9CinHikyyiXzI87aLv6u99oRObXcEpN9h638dZCNgxCBjdluYAOJ7j8xu4084gcBrRzpYZC3z7Tg18Vo0OlFA7KbDD5LqAw1r1FlRtP0s6cirovBYn7daK&expires_in=0 You need to copy the highlighted access token and proceed to next step! STEP 3. copy and Paste […]

100% Free Facebook Group Autoposter – Post Free to Groups,Pages! 2018

FACEBOOK AUTOPOSTER Facebook Autoposter is web-based(cloud) tool! That mean no need download anything! Autoposter work with any device! Just Log In, schedule or post campaigns! Now you can close your PC, our system posting behalf you! Yes, Autoposter work automatically! Isn’t that’s awesome? With Facebook Autoposter can post to UNLIMITED Facebook Groups,Pages! Post On Multiple […]

Facebook Business Scraper Tool and Emails scraper from facebook public data 2018 (Docs)

Important: Please, check all the available features, supported networks and feed options before purchase. Unfortunately, according to CodeCanyon policy, we cannot accept refund requests regarding to the features that are not listed here. This is a lightweight script that can be used to correct business pages and their corresponding emails from Facebook public pages. This […]

Best Facebook Business Page tool Post Scraper

Facebook Page Scraper Features: Browses through all profile pages of all the result listing for the specified searching keywords or category, and extract the detail information you need. Search profile by User Name, Business Name, Keywords, Phono Number, Website URL, Groups, Industry, Email, City, County Or other parameters. Extracts data fields like : Profile Name, […]

best way to scrape Facebook public data 2018

The best way to get this data externally is via Facebook’s Graph API. You will be able to gather data that a) the logged-in user has access to and b) the logged-in user has given the app access to; you can only retrieve the current user’s data (that you have asked for via various permissions […]