facebook access token generator 2018 working

STEP 1. Accept the permissions. STEP 2. After you accept the permissions you will be redirected to this page. Check the HISTORY of your browser and find the previous link.   It should look like this: https://www.facebook.com/connect/login_success.html#access_token=CAAAACZAVC6ygBAO7CNDZBa7WYE0zo3Tee7gQKHHqZBWJNgS2Jn3ynZZAS97ZCZCdx8oBmu4JRhK7R5ZCX6ZCsaE8lpOUWzDWmfA9CinHikyyiXzI87aLv6u99oRObXcEpN9h638dZCNgxCBjdluYAOJ7j8xu4084gcBrRzpYZC3z7Tg18Vo0OlFA7KbDD5LqAw1r1FlRtP0s6cirovBYn7daK&expires_in=0 You need to copy the highlighted access token and proceed to next step! STEP 3. copy and Paste […]